Saturday, February 14, 2009


What better way to celebrate Valentine's day than go for a run in Mohican? Breakfast in bed was out of the question this morning. I was out of the house at 6:30...Mohican was calling my name. I met up with Rob, Michelle, Kim, Regis, Lucas, Wendy, Debbie, and Joe at the covered bridge, all in all a pretty good turnout considering the holiday. The weather ended up being perfect, no wind and just cold enough that the trail wasn't too muddy. There was a little ice on the purple loop, some trees down, and a section of the orange loop under water but overall the trails were in great shape. We started out with a purple loop, followed by the 50k blue loop, then we started an orange loop. A couple miles into the orange loop Rob and Michelle decided to turn back and after getting verbal instructions from Rob about navigating the orange loop I was off on my own. Though I really enjoyed the orange loop I missed the company of other runners. I was a little unsure that I was staying on trail and would always stop and celebrate every time I passed a mtb 100 mile marker. I felt great and was genuinely enjoying the scenery and quietness of being out there all alone, but it seemed like an eternity between mile markers. In the end I logged just over 26 miles in around 5:50 (I didn't have a watch but the clock on my car read 1:50 when I finished up my run). I felt so good that I wish there was someone willing to go further, but I was the last one of our group still out and I had enough alone time for one day : ). Thanks to Kim for organizing the run today, and to Rob and Michelle for keeping me company on the first half of the run!

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  1. It was real nice to run with you. We look forward to future runs. Nice job out there!