Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekly Recap (2/21)

After a great run at Mohican last weekend I was really eager to up my milage this week. There's something about a good trail run that recharges my battery. I had Monday off work so I met up with my friend Mary for an easy morning run. We put in 10 miles at a 7:45 average pace, not exactly the easy pace we had intended but sometimes that happens. My next run was scheduled for Wednesday. It was raining and extremely windy, so what did we decide to do? Yasso 800's on the track, with Mary again...everyone else thought we were crazy so they agreed to meet us an hour later for an extended cooldown. The weather made it extremely challenging but we averaged 3:00 per 800 with a minute rest in between. We only did 6 because it was our first speedworkout of the winter so we didn't want to over do it. I was really surprised how strong I was, the last two were the easiest of the bunch. Next week I plan on doing 8 800's and I plan on setting a more aggressive pace. After a couple rest days I was ready for another Saturday run at Mohican. I met up with Rob at 7am, we got in about 4.5 miles before the rest of the group arrived at 8am. We met up with Don, Michelle, Terri, and Wayne and we headed out on the trials. Today's run included the purple loop, 50k blue loop, and an abbreviated green and red loop...following the 50k course. The highlight of the run was a climb up the fire tower, I hope to attach a picture soon. It was a great run, great weather, great company.

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  1. You are running so well and very strong out there. I think your training is paying off!