Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Quick Update

I've been really lazy with my blogging recently, which is a direct reflection of the intensity of my training.  I had a few good workouts but for the most part I've been going through the motions, just maintaining an adequate fitness level.  Since I'm focusing on my June and July 100s I'm ok with keeping it relaxed for now and gearing up in March, April, and May - tapering in June.  My wife has been really busy at work and although she isn't a runner she's a big source of support.  Now that she's through her busy season I hope that I'm able to focus a little bit more on my training.

I did want to make a quick note of a very promising workout I had last Wednesday.  I had been a little discouraged because my long runs hadn't been as strong lately but my Wednesday speed workout helped boost my confidence a bit.
There was a good turnout for the speed session and the workout called for Yassos.  With only a handful of weeks before Boston we decided that we should do at least 6, not 4 like the folks doing a May race.  In the summer/fall I had gotten a little carried away with cutting my recovery period - my last session before Cbus last fall I only gave myself a 1 minute recovery.  Per my coaches suggestion I extended that to 2 minutes - he would have liked it to be 3 minutes but I'm slow to adapt :).  I think the extra minute really helped improve the quality of the workout.
I went into the workout saying I'd be happy with hitting each Yasso in 3 minutes, since I didn't feel like I was in great shape.  My first split was 2:55 and it felt very relaxed.  Feeling good, I pushed the pace on the last 5 which were all at 2:45.  Since I'm stubborn I did all of the 2:00 recoveries at a 7:30 per mile pace - which worked really well for me.  It's not like I don't like the rest, I do, but I tend to stiffen up pretty quickly and it affects my workout in a negative way.  Shortening the rest seemed to counter-act that, but I think doing a proper recovery just a bit quicker seems to work even better.

Since I'm just starting my training cycle March 1, I'm a little behind and might under-acheive at Boston.  7 weeks might be too short to really hit top fitness, especially given a 2 week taper at the end.  That's ok though because I've got bigger fish to fry this summer.

Eye on the prize.

Quick last note: My wife and I spent a incredible couple of days in the Bahamas over the weekend.  We decided last Thursday that we needed to get away and a day and a 1/2 later we were on a plane to Nassau.  The trip definitely recharged my batteries!

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