Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shifting Gears

It’s time to stop dragging my feet and get serious about my running again. The past couple of weeks I’ve been increasing my mileage, averaging about 15 miles per run three times a week. Getting 45 miles in three days works very well for me to maintain fitness but this is the time of the year when I need to be getting faster.

With that in mind I did my first speed workout of 2010 last night (Wednesday). I did a 2 mile warmup, 5 x 1 mile repeat, and 2 mile cool down. With some jogging between repeat miles I think it ended up being an 11 mile run. The miles were in order: 6:18, 6:25, 6:30, 6:40, 6:00. Much slower than I was running 6 months ago but a good first workout. The last three were in the dark and I sort of lost track of my pace until the 0.75 mile point where it was too late to get the pace back where it needed to be. They were very relaxed mile repeats and didn’t really open it up until the last rep. Next time I do this workout I need them all in the 6:00 range. Over the summer I was hitting 5:50-5:55 and doing 6 mile repeats, so that’s the bar I need to hit a couple weeks out from Boston. I’ve got a challenge ahead of me…

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