Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm beginning to think that my performance at the Spirit of Columbus Relay was just a fluke. Everyone's entitled to a bad day right?

We hadn't done any speed-work on the track lately so we (and by we I mean Tim) decided to revise our schedule and do Yasso 800's. We are something like 6 or 7 weeks out from Columbus so we (Tim) figured it wouldn't make sense to do more than 8 that's what we did. I'm hoping to break 3 hours at Columbus so I need to run a 3:00 800s according to Mr. Yasso. I always get a little carried away on the track and have a hard time holding back, but that's ok if you can complete the workout. It was that kind of day. All of the reps were between 2:48 and 2:52, so I was pretty pleased with the work-out. It certainly helped to have Mr. Fleet Feet himself join the workout tonight to push me along. Tim's crazy fast and when I was hitting 2:50 on a 800m repeat he was easily hitting 2:40 without breaking a sweat. He was nice enough to wait until my 90 seconds of rest were up and started each repeat with me - acting as my rabbit on each repeat.

I'm knowing I'm probably asking the wrong group of people here - I'm pretty sure only my ultra friends read my blog - but what are peoples thoughts on doing the Indian Run 60k a month out from Columbus? Would that totally derail my marathon training? I'd like to run the race but I don't want to hurt my chances of hitting my goal of breaking 3:00 at Columbus.

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  1. Since:
    A. You asked AND
    B. I have an opinion on everything : )...

    I think the 60K would be fine if you were jogging Columbus like so many of us old folks do...but if I were you I'd do some speed, steady-state long runs, and blast the 20K at Hocking Hills. I think you could win it. Leave some gas in the tank for Columbus. I think you'll break 2:59 and I want to be there to see it.