Monday, June 8, 2009

Lazy Week but Only Two More Weeks Until Mohican!

Boy, I took tapering to a whole new level this week. After my 29 miles last Sunday at the No Frills just Hills FA I took a couple of days off from running, with a very easy lifting session on Monday. On Wednesday I met up with my MIT teammates for a track workout, which consisted of 4x1600m. We did 6 mile repeats last week so even this was a taper of sorts. Since I averaged about 5:55 pace last week doing 6 I thought I would up the tempo this week. The downside of running even harder was that I knew I would have no one to push me, but what's the point of getting on the track if you're not going to push yourself to your limits. The first two mile repeats clocked in at 5:40, and I was pretty winded. I fell a little behind pace on the last two but managed to finish both in 5:45 for a pretty strong workout. With all the miles I've been putting in over the last month I feel stronger than I've ever felt before. Even during the mile repeats the last two weeks I haven't felt any lactic acid build up or any tiredness in my legs. Those long slow runs don't do much for my VO2 max though and it's my breathing that's holding me back on the track. All in all, I'm in better shape than I've been in in years and I'm feeling confident going into Mohican.
I planned on running on Thursday and Friday but life got in the way and I wasn't able to find the time either big deal, it happens. On Saturday I got in 12 at 7:40 pace with my MIT group, spent the afternoon at the Memorial with my Dad, and then went to a good friends house in the evening who was hosting a nautical themed party in the evening (there were people in life vest and was pretty crazy). Overall it was an awsome day. My wife and I spend Sunday together. we went to see The Hangover, which is hilarious, and we went shopping for patio furniture. Even though I didn't get in the miles I should have, barely cracking 50 for the week, it was an awsome week. All this running over the last couple months has meant I've had no life outside of my training. It was good to have some fun outside of running and spend some time with friends and family.
I can't wait until Mohican! Hard to believe it's less than two weeks away!!!


  1. Mike says: "Since I averaged about 5:55 pace last week..."

    Luc says: "Dude, you are stupid-fast!!"

    Anxious to see you next weekend. I'm pretty pumped up about it too; it's my first 50 miler! I'm taking the wife to see Hangover next week. I hear it's real funny too!

    Oh yeah, be sure to save that fire tower ascent until AFTER the race this time. :)