Monday, May 11, 2009

Less than a week until Cleveland

I haven't posted much recently because to be honest, there hasn't been much to report. I've been focusing more on milage and building up my strength and not so much on the speed work, which is more exciting to write about. Aside from my routine milage throughout the week I did get in a nice hilly fartlek run this week at Highbanks park, my new favorite place to run in central Ohio. I'm hoping to repeat the workout every Monday until Mohican because it's one of the only parks that has real hills (and it's close to work). The workout is rather simple: one mile warm-up, and then 3 or 4 loops around the 2.25 mile Overlook Trail; running 6 minutes at tempo pace and 2 minutes at recovery pace. I didn't wear my garmin so I don't know what type of pace I was actually running...I just went on feel. I was able to get in three intervals for each loop, so I could probably calculate that out if I really wanted to. All I know is I was beat afterwords...intervals on hills are taxing. I got in another good workout on Saturday, which is the last time I planned on getting the heart rate up before Cleveland. The plan was to run 13+ miles as a marathon walkthrough, although I incorperated hills and as I understand it Cleveland is pretty flat. The run went exactly as planned, after a couple of miles at 8 minute pace I settled into 7 minute pace for the rest of the run, which I ran very relaxed. I think I'm ready for a PR at Cleveland this upcoming weekend. Although I haven't done any speed-work I've got a better base and I'll definetly run a smarter race than I did at Athens. Boston qualifier here I come!!!

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