Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recovery Week

With only two weeks between races I took it easy this week to make sure I'm healthy and well rested for the Mohican 50k without loosing too much fitness. Not counting Sunday's marathon I only ran twice, on Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday's run was 11 miles at a 8:00 average pace. I was expecting to be sore so soon after a marathon but I felt great, no aches or pains. I lifted on Thursday and rested on Friday. On Saturday morning I met up with MIT for a long run. I ran eight miles with my pace group at an average 7:45 pace. Most people were tapering for Boston, so I had to continue on with a smaller group to get in more miles. A few of us went out to run another 8 miles and we quickly settled into a faster pace. A mile into the run we were passed by Rob Kestner, who is a much faster runner but he was taking it easy so we did our best to keep up with him. At the turn around spot we caught up with Rob again while he stopped for a drink and I decided to give it a go and run the last four miles with him. Even though Rob was just out for an easy run it felt pretty good to run a few miles with a 2:30 marathoner and I was running pretty relaxed myself. The last 8 miles were a 6:45 average pace, which I thought was pretty good a week after a marathon. Even when we were running 6:30 miles for the last couple of miles I was pretty relaxed, so it gave me some confidence that I can easily run a 3:10 marathon and that Athens was just a bad day. Looking forward to the Mohican 50k in one week, until then I'm over and out.

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