Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mohican Training Starts Today…

Quote of the day:
"Accept your limitation and, with care, the thinking runner will have a comfortable, creditable race. But go for broke and prepare to be broken."


I think this quote pretty much sums up my race last weekend at Athens. At the first mile marker I decided to go for it, to go for broke, in the end the marathon broke me. At first I was upset with myself for getting sucked into a fast pace and breaking my race tactic but I’m coming to terms with the race. On the header of my blog I have the T.S. Elliot quote, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” I put this on my blog because I think it sums up my desire to run Mohican and the limits I’ll have to push myself to accomplish that task, but it’s applicable to a race of any distance. My willingness to push myself to the edge has produced some exceptional results, my 1:18 ½ marathon comes to mind, but it can also produce some disappointing finishes, like the second half of my marathon on Sunday. Occasionally you have to just go for broke, to see what you’re made of and accept the consequences if you push yourself past the breaking point.

All right, enough philosophizing…back to the blog. I see today as an opening day of sorts, with my failed Boston qualifying attempt out of the way today is the start of a new goal: Mohican. All of my training and racing from this day forward has a single focus: prepare me for the Mohican 100. My mileage has to gradually increase, I have to replace my track repeats with hill repeats, I have to get out on trails as often as possible, I have to train my digestive system to handle more than just Gatorade and Goo on runs; the list is endless. The two races on my calendar leading up to Mohican have to be looked at as tempo runs, not races. I can’t afford to be injured or to push myself so hard that I’m off my feet for a couple of days like I typically am after a marathon. I’m excited about my upcoming training, especially for the Mohican 50k coming up in a week and a half.


  1. Michael,
    Rob said you lived in the Columbus area. Not sure what side of town you live but, have you checked out Chestnut Ridge Metro Park?
    It's near Canal Winchester.
    It's about 10 minutes away from my house.
    It is a 2 mile loop with awesome hills.
    There is 1 hill that is nearly 3/4 mile long. In my book, great hill training with an aid station every two miles, and close to home.

  2. thanks for the tip! i've never heard of chestnut ridge but it sounds great. i live in blacklick (just north of reynoldsburg)so Canal Winchester is not to far a drive.

  3. When I race, I run till I blow up or throw up, and if I do not, I had a great race!

  4. You and me both! I've been training towards Boston this whole after next week, all of my focus will be on Mohican. Two months doesn't seem like much time. Yikes!