Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekly Recap (3/7)

Another week of training down and four weeks until the first marathon of the seaon. I met up with a group of friends on Tuesday for a run, because a couple people couldn't meet for our usual Wednesday run. I did two miles on the track because I got there early, 7:00 for the first mile and 6:30 on the second. Even on a warm-up, I can't seem to take it easy on the track. I ran an hour with the group and I think the total milage was 9.5 including the two on the track. We took it pretty easy but the last two miles were around 7:00 pace. Instead of doing a track workout on Wednesday I decided to do a tempo run with Mike from MIT. We took it easy on the first mile 7:30 and then we let 'er rip. We did a total of 7.5 miles at a 6:45 average pace, with hills mixed in. We were both pretty wiped out at the end...legs felt great but I was winded. Saturday morning was another MIT workout and this week was a cut back week...the training log called for 12. Of course I couldn't limit myself to only 12 miles so I did 15 at a 7:45 average; last three were all 7:00 flat. In theory next week should be my last high milage week before the taper, but I'm pretty sure I'm only going to do a 2 week taper, not three.

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