Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Recap (3/22)

2 weeks until my first marathon of the season! I’m officially in my taper, which is great except that I really enjoy the time I spend running and for the next couple of weeks I’ll be logging less miles. This week consisted of lifting on Monday and Tuesday, followed by Yasso 800’s on Wednesday. I ran with Tim Flahaven on the track this week and he’s a little quicker than I am, meaning these were the fastest 800’s I’ve done so far. I’ve been having some shin problems when I stretch out my stride on the track, but they were quick. The intervals were as follows: 2:50, 2:48, 2:50, 2:52, 2:52, 2:53 (it was really windy on the last two). I was actually feeling really strong and could have done more if it weren’t for my shins bothering me. Tim recommended that I take it easy since I’m so close to my race, not need to risk injury. This week the plan is to hit 10 Yasso’s and then go into full taper mode. Thursday was another lifting day and it was by far the best session I’ve had all year. I did more reps than ever on bench and curl and am considering bumping up the weight again this week. I won’t reveal what that weight is because even though I’ve made drastic improvements in strength, I’m still quite weak and it’s nothing to boast about : ). Friday is always my day of rest, so my next workout was my Saturday morning MIT run. This week was a cut-back week and the schedule called for 12 miles. I was happily cruising through my run, averaging just below 8 minute pace, until the last mile when my friend Roger and I decided to do the last mike (all uphill) at 6 minute pace. We ended up clocking the last mile at 6:06 but it felt good to get the legs moving and the lungs pumping. I met up with my Sunday running group for our Tour de Columbus. Each week we meet at another local park and this week we met at Darby Creek. Boy is Darby Creek out of the way (a 45 minute drive for me) but there were a lot of great trails and we got in an easy 6. That’s my week in a nutshell. Like I said, two more weeks until my big race and one more week until I roll out my fundraising effort. Look for more details on that in next weekends post.

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