Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan. 24th MIT Run

After taking it easy this week today was my first long run since my 30k finish at the Buckeye Trail Run. Me and my fellow MIT teamates were out on the Olentangy Trail at 8am and altough it was a bit icy, and windy, it was an all around good day for a run. I was a little worried that my knees would bother me too much to put in a good run but I was able to run through the bit of pain that I did experience. It helps that my pace coach is a sports medicine physician because he's able to not only coach me through my training, but coach me through my recovery. We started out slow because of the icy conditions but after a few miles we had settled into 8 minute pace. All in all we did 16 miles on the day clocking in at 2 hours and 8 minutes, right at 8 minute pace.

Random thoughts:
I'm kicking around the idea of heading up to Alum Creek tomorrow to check out the mountain bike trails instead of running. I've had my mountain bike for years and I've never gone on a trail ride...I think it's about time. If I go I'll bring my camera and try and get some good pictures of the trails.

I was talking with Rita Barnes on my run today and she mentioned that she's doing a rogain event tomorrow. I had never heard of rogaining before but Rita quickly filled me in. These are endurance events where you have to navigate the course with a map and compass instead of following a marked trail. I might be a little crazy but I think this sounds really cool, it's like doing an eco-challenge event with only running. Rita is doing Barkley this year so I'm sure this is a big part of her preperation...if there is such a thing as being prepared for Barkleys. I may join her for a rogain event in Circleville OH in February, I just need to get myself a compass!

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  1. I am also thinking about that Rogaine in Feb.