Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a busy spring and it seems like my blogging has been the one things I haven't been able to keep up on.

Tonight I fly out to Providence where I'll be staying with my best friend for the weekend.  On Monday I'll run my first Boston Marathon.  I'm excited but nervous.  My plan was to just have fun with it and enjoy the experience.  I'm too damn competetive for that to have been a realistic plan.  New goal...sub 2:55.  Gotta get that NYC qualifyer and be done with fast marathons for a couple years.  Now that I've put the goal in writing I damn well better do it!!!

Post Boston, things just get crazier.  My tentative plans each weekend leading up to Mohican:

April 17-19: Boston Marathon
April 24-25: John Bryan 50k
May 1-2: Cap City 1/2 (1:30 pace leader) AND Mohican Traininng Run (38 miles)
May 8-9: COTR Hocking Hills Run (needs to be a 50 mile weekend)
May 15-16: Massanutten Pacing (40 miles with Kevin Martin)
May 22-23: Mohican Training Weekend (60 miles - 3 days)
May 29-30: open weekend (5th wedding anniversary but gotta get in some miles!)
June 5-6: Vegas (God help me...)
June 12-13: taper
June 19-20: Mohican 100!!!!!

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