Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time to Taper?

Well I easily completed the 10 Yasso 800's on Wednesday and after finishing another strong run today - 17 miles at a 7:00 average - Mary mentioned that it's time to start our taper. I was too embarrassed to mention that I've kinda been tapering since Mohican! I never did get back into a regular training schedule. Outside of Wednesdays and Saturdays I rarely ever run. I did put in a couple good back to back runs over Labor Day weekend, and ran the BT50k and paced at BR100 but other than that my training has been pretty lax. I know Clara already uses the moniker, but I feel like the lazy ultra runner.

I think all the people I train with assume I run 6 times a week like they do, and I guess I go along with it because I don't know how it would come off if I mentioned I only run 2 days a week for the most part. I'm afraid it will be perceived as arrogant or something...really I'm just a bit lazy.

Considering I'm averaging 30 miles per week I don't think I'll decrease my milage in the lead into the Columbus marathon but I'll probably take my weekend runs a little easier. I know a PR and sub-3:00 time are still easily within reach given my recent long run results. I feel like I'm cheating myself of reaching my full potential by not giving my training 100% effort.

So I'm going to open this up for suggestions, I hope some of you will chime in. I have never, ever (seriously), woke up before work during the week to run but that's what I'm going to need to do if I plan on taking my running to the next level. I am not a morning person, I dread getting out of bed. If anyone has a trick or suggestion about what gets them moving in the morning I'd really appreciate the input!

Happy trails everyone...


  1. I doubt at this point that you could transform to a morning person and I doubt if junk miles would improve your times. I would just add a 6-9 mile tempo run.


  2. I would hardly say runs outside of a long run and speed work are junk miles! Maybe in the context of a taper but I'm talking big picture.

    I might never be a morning person but that doesn't mean I can't get my a$$ out of bed a couple mornings a week to run :)