Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wish I Could Be There...

The Plain Dealer had a great article on the North Coast 24 Endurance Run today,

I really wish I could participate in this event. Not only would I love to test my limits in a 24 hour event, but the fact that it's a national championship would add to the excitement. Of course I wouldn't have a chance to contend for a spot on a national team, but it would be exciting to participate none the less.

With that being said, my dear friend Katie is getting married that day and I wouldn't miss her wedding for any race - even an event that's sure to be as great as the NC24.

For everyone running at the NC24, good luck! I can't wait to see those results posted to see how all the NE Ohioans did.

I would still like to do an ultra sometime between now and Mohican, and for the time being I have my sights set on Rocky Racoon. Not only is it a well run 100 mile race, it fits into my schedule well by not interfering with the spring marathon season - that and Rocky Racoon happens to be my favorite Beatles song, so I fell like it's meant to be. That being said, I still haven't gone to my Mrs. to get approval to run the race. A race that requires travel ($) and a potential use of a vacation day will certainly require approval from my wife, the accountant.

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