Saturday, August 29, 2009

Break Time's Over

I haven't left a post in a while, for good reason, I've been taking a little break from running! In the last three weeks I've logged about as many miles as I would normally run in one week - 24/14/12 for a combined total of 50 miles. Well it's time to jump back into my training for the fall marathon season. No better way to start than with a tune-up race! I'll be running the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 with a friend tomorrow, as a relay team. The 6.55 race should give me an idea where I am fitness wise - hopefully I haven't gotten too out of shape during my break. Other than this weekends race, I'm not sure whether I'll do any other races before Columbus. I'm kicking around the idea of running one or two other races but I'm on the fence. I may just surprise you and show up at a race your running : ). One things for sure, I need to log some miles on trails - I really miss those long training runs on scenic trails with great friends. Hopefully our paths cross soon, if not good luck in all your fall races!

Oh, one more thing. I want to give a shout out to my friend Roger, who's competing in the Ironman Louisville on Sunday. Good luck buddy!

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  1. Time to bear down Michael. Sub 3 in cards. Only 7 wks away