Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Much To Do About Nothing?

Well after a couple days of rest it's pretty obvious what's wrong with my foot, plantar fasciitis. No biggie right? This is something that I've dealt with before so I'm not too worried about it. Last year I had a real bad case of plantar fasciitis right when I got back into running (July) and I had to take over a month off from running. The other times I've had it, in high school, I've been able to run through it as long as I taped my foot up real good. What I hadn't ever done was try to run through it on trails in road shoes. Downhills, uphills, and tree roots are not a friend of plantar fasciitis. I'm glad to report that this is not a real bad case, even with the tough 17 miles I ran after it flared up on Saturday. I'm confident that if I tape it up properly, and give the 100 meter strides a rest that I'll be just fine.

I still plan on pacing at Burning River. I'd like to run the last 40, I just haven't figured out who I'll do it with yet. For now I'm a free-agent.

I'd still love to compete at Burning River. I had a lot left in the tank after BT50k and I'd like to give a 100 another shot. With that being said, my wife really doesn't want me to run another so soon after Mohican, nor does she want me to spend the money. I guess I'll sit this one out.

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