Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Week of Training

As you might have noticed I've begun posting my training schedule on the right tab of my blog. I figure this will be better than just blogging about each of my workouts. After a pretty solid week of running I planned on doing a back-to-back long run on Saturday and Sunday. I hadn't done any long runs since Mohican so I wasn't sure how I'd feel but if I'm going to do the Buckeye Trail 50k next week I wanted to make sure I could at least run 30 easy miles on these tired legs.
Saturday's run was rough. I completed the 16 miles at a pretty good pace but it wasn't as effortless as it usually is. It was hot and muggy and my legs still aren't 100% back from Mohican. I was happy to stay right at 8 minute pace for the whole run but sped up a little during the last 4 miles because the guys I was running with wanted to pick up the pace. We ran the last four at 7:30, 7:15, 7:00, 6:40. I actually felt better once we picked up the pace at the end so that was encouraging knowing I had 14 miles ahead of me on Sunday.
After a night of partying in NE Ohio, visiting my sister and brother in-law, I got up bright and early to meet up with the Vertical Runner group in the CVNP. We were running from Pine Hollow to O'Neil Woods following the Burning River 100 course. There were some very good runners and I was just happy to keep up for what ended up being 14.5 miles for the day, thanks for showing me the trails guys. The run was great, I didn't get to walk many hills as they were moving at too good of a pace and I didn't know the way so I had to keep up, but I felt really really good. It was a big confidece booster the week before the BT50k. I alwasy enjoy the trails and the company when I run in the CVNP, see you all next week at the BT50k!

52 Total Miles for the Week

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