Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July 5k

Well I didn't hit my goal. I'm just not in 5k shape. I haven't really done any track work in the build up to the ultra distances so I don't have the quick leg turnover. That being said, I ran an 18:09 and I have no excuses for not hitting my goal. I certainly could have knocked 10 seconds off that time and broke 18:00. I got complacent 1.5 miles in and settled in with a group of runner and didn't realize that they were slowing down a bit. 2.5 miles in and I realized that I'd fallen 20 seconds behind my goal. I only made 10 of those seconds back in the last 1/2 mile for a 18:09 finish. The positive thing is that I KNOW I could have run legs felt awesome but I'm not used to running in oxygen debt, having focused on marathon's and ultra's recently. Hopefully I have a couple good 5ks in these legs this summer, if I get on the track and get used to running in oxygen debt I might be able to run mid 17's. I did place first in my age group, which was a shocker. There were a lot of guys that looked to be my age but the age groups were broken out just right. 15-19 (capturing all the high schoolers), 20-24 (capturing all the college guys), 25-29 (my group), and 30-34 (always fast guys here). I got a $20 gift card to Fleet Feet for the age group win, so that pretty much paid for my entry...nice consolation for not getting my goal.

I hope everyone did well in their races today and enjoyed their 4th of July holiday!

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