Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1st Speed Workout in Two Months

After a 75 mile weekend I wasn't sure I would be up for anything fast at my Wednesday night MIT workout, but after PR'ing in their spring marathons several of my teamates are all geared up to step up their training...that means more speed! The workout was 1.5 mile warm-up to Antrim Lake (I had already got in 2 before the group arrived), we would then run 6 mile repeats at 5k pace, and finish with a 1 mile cool down.
Since everyone's 5k pace is different and I haven't really run 5k's this millenium I wasn't sure what pace that would translate to for me, so I just decided to run on feel. After all the miles I put in I would have been happy if I could manage 7 minute miles, but I actually felt pretty good. All my mile splits were under 6:00 with the majority in the 5:52-5:55 range. I actually felt stongest on the 5th and 6th and probably could have pushed it faster or done more but I'm afraid of pushing too hard and injuring myself this close to Mohican. All in all it was a great workout.
I haven't run mile repeats since picking up running again last summer and haven't run any short distances since really picking up my training intensity this spring. I was surprised that it was so easy to run sub 6:00 miles...maybe I'm in better shape than I thought I was; especially after doing so well at Mohican last weekend. I'm getting the urge to toe the line in a 5k later this summer just to see what I'm capable of. After tonight's workout I think I could go out and run sub 18:00 this weekend if I had to, but I have to focus on overdistance for the next month...eye on the prize!
The plan this weekend is the 24 hour hike at Mohican. I'm not gonna lie, after spending all of last weekend on the trails at Mohican, and being away from my training group for several weeks I would rather just stay in Cbus and run this weekend. I think my wife would prefer it to, dissapearing for a few hours in th morning to run is one thing, being gone a full day is another. On top of that my best friend is going to be in NE Ohio this weekend and I haven't seen him for months (he lived in Rhode Island). Maybe I should go home for the weekend and just do the No Frills Just Hills FA on Saturday to get in my miles. I'd feel bad backing out on Mike at the last minute but after hearing that there will be 10+ people out there with him doing the hike maybe I should just opt out. Hmmm...I'll think it over another day before I make up my mind.
Onwards and upwards to Mohican!

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