Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Quick Recap and Thank You

I’m now only a few days out from my race. I’m enjoying my taper but I’m nervous that I’m loosing fitness. I just have to trust those that have done this a few more times than I have. I lifted on Monday which went well but I only did two sets. My theory is that if I’m tapering my running that I should taper my lifting as well, not sure if that’s needed but it was a good excuse to take it easy. On Wednesday I ran the 3.1 miles from my house to my wife’s aunt and uncles to meet them for dinner. They probably think I’m crazy but I thought it was a good opportunity to get in a few fast miles (6:40 average) and have my wife drive me home after dinner. I met up with my MIT teammates on Wednesday for an easy run. We ended up running 7.5 miles at 7:40 pace instead of our usual speed workout. I’m excited that several MIT runners are going down to run the ½ at Athens, so I’ll have a few familiar faces cheering me on at the finish…as far as I know I’m the only one doing the full.
The thing I’m most excited about is the support I’ve received so far for my fundraising effort for Kids ‘n Kamp ( I’ve already received $200 in donations from co-workers and a generous per mile contribution for Mohican from my father in-law. You guys are awesome and your generous giving is really going to make an impact on the families who have a child fighting cancer. I’ve got to give a shout out to Heather Johnson, Rachel Creager, Theresa Varanese, Judy Whalen, Patty Whaley, Christine Straub, Ron Lauber, Cliff Hetzel, Lana Hartpence, Peggy Wolf and all the people who have said they will make a pledge for future races!

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  1. I wish I could say I ran 8 miles at a 7:40 pace instead of my regular speed if that wasn't fast. :) Nice job.